Insulated Roll Up Doors

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Our Insulated Roll up Doors combine energy efficiency with structural strength and durability. They provide the same benefits of our Hurricane Resistant Rolling Doors (Heavy Duty or Medium Duty) with the added benefit of keeping thermal loss to an absolute minimum.

Our Insulated Roll Up Doors are ideal in environments where you want to reduce air and sound infiltration.

The insulated door curtains are constructed of 24, 22 or 20-gauge front slat (according to case) and a 24-gauge back slat. A block of insulation that covers the complete length and width of each slat is placed between front and back slats. Also we offer the option to use weather-strip, flexible vinyl, rubber, or neoprene in the guides to completely seal the door against the elements.

Front and back slats are available in any finish (galvanized or powder-coated painted)

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