Scissor Gates


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Most thieves are looking for an easy target.  If they meet too much resistance they will go elsewhere.  Scissor gates from Atlanta Roll Up Doors offer a perfect combination of high security and a visual deterrent to help protect businesses and discourage break-ins.

Outside mounted gates help to protect against graffiti & glass breakage but remain more visible during daytime hours.  The appearance of a scissor gate is usually enough of a deterrent to send burglars on to find easier targets.

Inside mounted scissor gates are more easily concealed during business hours.  In addition, inside mounted gates offer a significant advantage for stores which have an alarm system.   If the visual deterrent is not enough to prevent a break-in, a properly installed scissor gate from Atlanta Roll Up Doors will slow down and help to prevent burglars from reaching merchandise after breaking the glass and setting off the alarm.  Give the police or alarm company time to respond, have Atlanta Roll Up Doors install a scissor gate.

Folding security gates are custom manufactured to fit each unique storefront.

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